What is the Archery Alliance of Australia?

Initially the Alliance was a co-operative arrangement between the three national archery associations of Australia. It was created in February 2011 when the then Presidents of Archery Australia, The Australian Bowhunters Association and The 3D Archery Association of Australia signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

The motivator for this arrangement was a shared belief that the current legal use of the bow was coming under increasing pressure from Government legislators following a number of recent incidents and the not unexpected un-favourable press.

Under the Agreement, the Alliance was expanded in 2014 to include the Traditional Archery Association of Australia, an organisation comitted to the promotion of the traditional form of the sport.

The Alliance primary goals are:

  • To provide a united front when representing the sport of archery
  • To provide member protection through public risk liability and personal accident insurance coverage for all authorised hunting, field, target and 3D archery activities undertaken by the three association's affiliated clubs
  • Advocacy of all facets of the sport of archery in order to promote and protect its future
  • Encourage the hosting of cross participation events by the three national bodies
  • Develop a range of initiatives for promotion of the responsible sale and use of archery equipment
  • Development of minimum standards of archery competency
  • Investigate means of accessing funding for archery as a whole
  • Investigate multiple association memberships and other issues of membership crossover

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